this page is for the kewl channel on mirc called #Lezbiyen
Its knew but will grow (hopefully)

Topic is '««»«»«»«»«» Welcome All To #Lezbiyen and have a nice chat with us.... «»«»«»«»«»»'
There are some rulz you NEED to know for the channel
*No flooding
*No repeating
*No inviting
*No op begging
*No swearing
*No sex talk
*Be polite to the people in there and especially the OPS!

if you feel the need to break any of the rules you will earn a instant BAN!

The channels founder is : net

SOp list for #lezbiyen
       1 -   Al-SaHeR
      2 -   hammodi
3 -   Sailor

AOp list for #lezbiyen
     1 -   mohanny
        2 -   Attractive^guy
         3 -   F-E-R-R-A-R-I
      4 -   ^^3armo6a^^
     5 -   Sweety-kiss
           6 -   Katkot-moftares
    7 -   FunChat
         8 -   SoUl_EaThEr
       9 -   ZaGa_sHoW
10 -   Junfev
           11 -   Don-KaSTrw^
       12 - \|\|4c|{y^\|\|33d
End of list

If you need any help or just want a cool person to talk to just go on mirc on dalnet into #lezbiyen and talk to any of the friendly ops!

please sigh the guest book

This page was provided by the talents of \|\|4c|{y^\|\|33d at the request by sailor
I would hope you would have a look at my  page